Student Loans

Student debt overwhelms college students and grads.  I will address this and help those in need.

One gnawing concern I have is the exorbitant charging of interest on student loans. It’s bad enough that students borrow to pay for education and at high interest rates. This is shameful.  Both state and federal government should heavily regulate banking practices and subsidize interest students pay.

The federal government can provide loans at zero interest rates. This is the least it can do to help out people for doing the right thing in going to college. While free education is a desirable goal, in the mean while let’s at least ensure zero interest rates are the norm. I also believe tuition and interest should be tax-deductible.

Lastly, if Albany offers free tuition, let’s also help the poor and those who are deserving by ensuring that they don’t pay exorbitant fees for room and board.  Families making 80,000 and up should pay their share on a steadily sliding scale. No cliffs.  Those making over 200,000… well, they can afford full tuition.  Help the needy, not the rich.  We need a common sense approach.