Senior Citizen Help

Senior New York residents face many problems.  I will be their greatest and most attentive advocate.

Many seniors have been kicked out of their rent-stabilized apartments due to being hospitalized when sent to nursing homes for rehabilitation. Others have problems with bike lanes, as many have been hit by bike riders. Many with incomes just above the cutoff for assistance yet not enough to live a comfortable face the rising cost of drug co-pays. I will work hard to improve quality of life for seniors, including advocating for the following improvements:

1) Push for legislation that will prevent landlords from kicking seniors out of their homes while they are temporally in nursing homes rehabilitating.
2) Create a fund offering seniors financial help while rehabilitating.
3) Propose legislation that will allow seniors to temporarily rent out their apartments while they’re in nursing homes.
4) Create a nonprofit that will screen and monitor renters for seniors’ apartments.
5) Have the city install caution and stop signs for bikers at dangerous corners. Seniors (or anyone) would push a button where they’re crossing, triggering a traffic signal specifically for bike lanes to caution riders that someone is crossing the street.
6) Push for legislation that would mandate jail time when a criminal attacks a senior.
7) Work with major companies like CVS and Duane Reade to give senior assistance for co-pays.
8) Create a nonprofit that will assist with those costs.