“Anti-Semitism & BDS”

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is a movement designed to devastate the Israeli economy. While the need to create justice and peace is of utmost importance, the BDS movement is an under-handed anti-Semitic movement intended to pummel Israel’s Jewish population. One-sided BDS proponents always twist facts and history while casually ignoring the fact that nearly 1.7 million Israeli citizens (about 21% of Israel) are Muslim and close to 200,000 Israelis are Christian.

If successful, BDS would devastate the nearly 2 million Christians and Arabs (!) who peacefully live in Israel as citizens, work there, and do business there. In addition, tens of thousands of Palestinians enter Israel daily for jobs and income. Palestinian families depending on jobs in Israel would also be harmed. BDS unfairly targets everyone. It spreads anti-Semitism (attacks up about 60% from last year), hatred, and murderous ethnic genocide, as happened in Pittsburgh.

BDS harms everyone from Jew to Christian to Muslim. When do BDSers recognize the above facts or show any minimal balance in their ruthless objective to destroy Israel? As public advocate, I will tirelessly broadcast such facts. I will oppose BDS and fight anti-Semitism wherever its sick hand appears — in major news networks, on college campuses, or on the streets of New York. No candidate will more passionately protect the Jewish communities of New York!
BDS people fuel the designs of those promoting violent attacks on the Jewish population. I will disrobe lies perpetuated by those who are masquerading as “enlightened” but who in reality do the sick work of groups bent upon destroying Israel or murdering Jews.

Israel is under attack daily. It is bombarded by rockets fired from Israel’s northern and southern borders by terrorists intent upon killing innocent families, students, farmers and children. Terrorist groups have an estimated 150,000 rockets within miles of Israel’s borders. Terrorist groups continually build tunnels into Israel with intent to inflict horrible violence upon Israeli citizens. Is this something BDS people consider? This truth must be told — not the lies of BDS supporters bending truth and fact.

Everyone in New York, from African American to Christian to Hispanic, must hear the truth…
An attack on one is an attack on all.