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Environment and clean energy are areas our city can improve and be a role model nationally.  Here are innovations I will promote.
  • Solar Energy. Tax incentives can encourage solar panels and batteries on rooftops.  Let’s start with municipal and state government buildings.
  • Solar Lights. Convert traffic lights, walk signs, street lamps, and parking meters to solar energy. Devices can store energy but remain connected to the electric grid so that they work when sunlight is limited. Think of government savings as thousands of devices no longer need gas-burning electricity.
  • Subway Lighting. Subways endlessly need light. Power it from street-level solar panels.
  • Cleaner Cars & Buses. Convert city/state vehicles to electric when possible and incentivize the public by toll discounts for hybrids and electric vehicles. Direct the MTA to convert buses to electric when possible and be more attractive by creating a fleet that looks like trolleys of past New York.
  • School Bus/Electric/Taxis/Car Service. Require such vehicles to be electric/hybrid within 12 years.
  • Electric Charge Stations. Place electric charging stations statewide so vehicles can charge anywhere.
  • Waste-to-Energy. Build waste-to-energy trash disposal plants to deal with trash and create energy.
  • Recycling. We can do so much better!  Item we recycle often are not even recycled.  This must end.  Many items we throw out should be recycled, from plastics to packages (think Amazon envelopes!).
  • Plastics. Plastics harm our environment and oceans.  Too much is currently non recyclable.  This must change.  New technologies are emerging that utilize bacterize to dissolve plastics.  We must encourage such innovations and make them part of our disposal system.
  • Tolls. Tolls on East River bridges will encourage mass transit, decrease cars burning gas, and lower congestion. Encourage people to use subways and buses. Let’s be environmentally conscious!
  • Tidal Energy. We can get electricity from ocean tides.  An ocean surrounds us.  Let’s make use of it.
  • Jobs. Solar panels/batteries could be manufactured in our state. Let economically depressed areas benefit.
  • Con Ed. Put electrical grids/stations high above ground. We saw the consequences after Superstorm Sandy. Let’s be prepared for floods.
  • Wind Energy. Wind is free. All high-rises can put turbines on roofs. Energy during the day can be stored when resident buildings are largely empty.
  • Conservation. Many stores and tall buildings keep lights on all night. Fine them! It lower carbon emissions while saving companies money through lower electric bills. Auto-turn-off technology will help.
  • Trees. Plant millions-more trees citywide to help the environment.
  • Fresh Kills. Turn Fresh Kills into a source of power.
 There are many smart things we can do to create a cleaner environment.  New York… let’s do our part!

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