Why I am running.

Daily we see politicians who tear us apart. As a veteran I know that solving problems requires cooperation. Thanks to ideologues (like my opponent) with ill-planned “solutions” we feel nervous. Crime is on the rise. Our streets are flooded with homeless people. Unaffordable housing and struggling mom-and-pops mount. NYCHA remains a disgrace. Bail reform released hundreds of dangerous people to the streets. Ideologues led us “back to the future” in all the wrong ways.

Let’s not return to the bad old days: squeegee guys again terrorizing drivers, city services in decline, youth jumping subway turnstiles with impunity, police helpless to act. This is not smart liberalism. This is arrogance of ideologues in Albany, where one-party rule ended healthy debate. It is a dangerous path. This is why I ask for your vote.

Read about my positions with sensible solutions… and a veteran who treasures respectful dialogue. Vote for Zumbluskas and a better future… not reckless “back to the future.”

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City schools need revolutionary change!  I have a plan that will transform the very foundation of New York education and…

Bail/Crime Reform

I will work to repair disastrous choices made by Albany ideologues (and by my opponent) like the flawed bail reform, which…


BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is a movement designed to devastate the Israeli economy.  While the need to create justice…

Homeless Crisis

Do-nothing politicians (like my opponent) let homelessness reach crisis levels. No more empty talk!  I will address it.  Here is…

Senior Citizen Help

Senior New York residents face many problems.  I will be their greatest and most attentive advocate. Many seniors have been kicked…


Housing needs real and rapid action.  For years politicians (like my opponent) gave lip service to NYCHA and affordable housing.…

Volunteer for Mike Z.

If New York City matters to you, get off the sidelines! Mike needs your help to bring out the vote. Volunteer!

     The More You Know About Mike

         The More There Is To Like